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MicroLink Corporation (MLC) was incorporated in 1994 to provide cost effective IT solutions.

Born in network engineering, and specializing in security and compliance, MLC has provided a wide array of services to small, medium, and large corporations.

With certified skills, the crew at MLC can assist with the tasks you need the most help with, including:

 Connectivity and service solutions / Network architecture design and implementation
Security review, gap analysis, and remediation
Compliance audit preparation, gap analysis, and remediation - PCI DSS, HIPAA
Information Rights management (IRM), Data Loss Prevention (DLP), and Digital Watermarking
Security information and event management (SIEM) implementation, configuration and maintenance
Computer security incident response planning and support
Policy development
Disaster recovery planning (DRP)
Business continuity planning (BCP)
Security awareness training
Certification training
Configuration management and documentation
Technical writing and documentation

The process begins with an analysis of a clients specific needs from their IT systems. This analytical process leads to the development of the physical and logical plans for the network. Specializing in network, remote access, end user and Internet security, MLC will implement and configure your network with the simplification of ongoing administration in mind, and will automate many procedures that will help to keep your network self diagnosing and finely tuned.

MLC can provide training to your in-house administration on the key issues and procedures and can provide permanent, temporary, part-time and, or full time staff.

Areas of attention include:

Establish appropriate network functionality, stability, and security, optimized for performance
Active directory design and implementation
GPO design and deployment
Network resource placement and configuration
User account management, user rights and permissions provisioning, and auditing
Firewall, IDS and IPS implementation and configuration
Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) design, planning, deployment and maintenance
Network services needs analysis, placement and configuration
Remote access design, implementation and maintenance, including virtual private networks (VPN)
Strong, mutual and multi-factor authentication systems
Wireless networking
Network, component and user monitoring, maintenance and trend analysis
Coordination of hardware acquisition, repair, replacement
Development of data backup and recovery routines and procedures
Endpoint protection, including anti-virus, anti-spyware and personal firewall
Patch management and implementation procedures
Configuration and change control management
Code review
Log management
Other areas of concern, as identified by the security audit or the client 

Contact us to discuss your needs and see how the team at MicroLink Corporation can help to simplify your IT solutions.

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