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Network Engineering


The process begins with an analysis of a clients specific needs from their computer systems.  This analytical process leads to the development of the physical and logical plans for the network. Specializing in network / Internet security and product lines like Microsoft operating systems, Cisco routers, Checkpoint firewalls, and the implementation of specialized servers like mail servers, web servers, application servers and file and print servers, MicroLink Corporation engineers are fluent with the design and planning of your new computer and network implementation.











MLC will configure your network with the simplification of ongoing administration in mind, and will automate many procedures that will help to keep your network self diagnosing and finely tuned.

MLC will train your in house administrators on the key issues and procedures and can provide permanent, temporary, part time and / or full time it staff.

Markets include: Retail, Manufacturing, Chemical, Software Development, Jewelry, Import / Export, Training Institutions, Photography Laboratories, Universities and Training Institutions, Accounting firms and Legal Firms just to name a few.

Typical Services Provided by MicroLink Corporation

Network audit, analysis, and documentation

Establish appropriate network functionality, stability, and security and optimize for performance, wherever possible.  
Areas of attention include:
       Anti-virus protection
       Firewall implementation and configuration
       Active Directory design and implementation
       GPO design and deployment
       Network resource placement and configuration
       User rights and permissions implementation and auditing
       Networking services needs analysis, placement and configuration
       Additional networking component definition (hardware and / or software)
       Coordination of hardware acquisition, repair, replacement

Development of a disaster recovery plan
       Critical data definition
       Development of backup routines and procedures
       Development of recovery plans and procedures
       Definition of redundancy requirements

Network and component monitoring, maintenance and trend analysis
       Security review
       Security patch implementation
       Event log review
       Backup review
       Resource review
       Networking services analysis
       Anti-virus filter update implementation
       Performance review

 New requirements definition by Customer request
      Compatibility analysis of proposed hardware and / or software
       Hardware / software acquisition assistance, repairs, updates, replacement, installation, deployment, etc.
       Networking services requirements and changes

Report to Customer
       Status report from monitoring, analysis and user and administrator activities
       Areas of concern


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