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Services: Technical Writing


The team at MicroLink Corporation performs as subject matter experts for numerous companies and over multiple IT technologies.

From assisting with the development of certification exams, to writing, technical editing and presenting technical computer based training (CBT) videos, to authoring multiple books and multiple editions, this team helps to establish the foundation of training and knowledge within the IT industry.










Covering the latest operating systems, application servers, and specializing on security systems and practices, MLC knows how to make your IT systems perform to their best, while securing them to the appropriate level.
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Certified Information Systems Security Professional
   (CISSP) Training Kit

    MSPress               ISBN-10: 0735657823         ISBN-13: 978-0735657823











Security Information and Event Management
   (SIEM) Implementation

    McGraw-Hill           ISBN-10: 0071701095         ISBN-13: 978-0071701099











MCITPro 70-647: Windows Server 2008 R2
   Enterprise Administration

    Second Edition 

    MSPress               ISBN-10: 0735656657         ISBN-13: 978-0735656659

    First Edition

    MSPress               ISBN-10: 0735625093         ISBN-13: 978-0735625099 








Security+: Security Administrator Street Smarts

    Third Edition 

    Sybex                    ISBN-10: 1118061160         ISBN-13: 978-1118061169

    Second Edition  

    Sybex                    ISBN-10: 047040485X         ISBN-13: 978-0470404850

    First Edition

    Sybex                    ISBN-10: 0470102586          ISBN-13: 978-0470102589








MCITPro 70-237: Designing Messaging Solutions with
   Microsoft® Exchange Server 2007

    MSPress               ISBN-10: 0735624097         ISBN-13: 978-0735624092











MCITPro 70-622: Windows Vista Client for Enterprise
   Support Technicians

    Que Publishing     ISBN-10: 0789737191         ISBN-13: 978-0789737199











MITPro 70-623: Windows Vista Client for Consumer
   Support Technicians

    Que Publishing     ISBN-10: 0789737205         ISBN-13: 978-0789737205